RAM-1 (Remote Arrester Monitoring) is intended for monitoring the condition of gapless surge arresters with continuous operating voltage above 1 kV. Until now the measurement of the resistive component of surge arresters leakage current in accordance to the standard IEC 60099-5 has been possible only in a HV laboratory.

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SMART DEVICE RAM - 1, installation on insulative bracket, wildlife protection

Advantages & Technical data

  • measurement of the resistive component of leakage current
  • surge counter, temperature, position, location
  • instant remote indication, autonomous working, location of fault
  • simple installation, low price, no connection fees
  • installation on all existing or new gapless surge arresters

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Package - Functions

Available are 3 packages, Basic, Extended and Outsourcing.
Adjustable status report interval. Built-in eSIM or LoRaWAN communication capability. Web and mobile app with record of RAM‐1 devices and gathered measurements. English language interface. NFC, Bluetooth, GPS technology.

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