The smart IoT device RAM-1 is intended for remote monitoring and advanced analisys of power grids and surge arresters.

2020-10-27 RAM-1 - remote monitoring of power grids

27.10.2020 08:16

New device RAM-1 is intended for remote monitoring of power grids. The RAM-1 device is also an accurate indicator of the condition of all types of surge arresters above 1 kV. RAM-1 measures, analyzes and reports:
place of event installation location
the closest route to the location navigation to the installation location
excessive temperature (fire) device temperature
collapse or tilt of the pole inclination of the surge arrester
power outage the presence of voltage in phases
surge counter surge counter and detection of manipulations
arrester monitoring the resistive component of surge arresters leakage current
destruction of arrester immediate notification to the user
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